Diana Droulers

Diana Droulers

Droulers & Asociados, Venezuela


Diana Droulers, lawyer, arbitrator and mediator with vast expertise in the creation and management of arbitral institutions worldwide. 

Diana has served as an arbitrator in ICC, ad-hoc and Caracas Chamber cases, and as mediator internationally. She has advised parties in revising cases and devising case strategies. She has overseen more than 600 arbitration and mediation cases, and holds leadership positions on a number of advisory boards and arbitral interest groups, including ICC International Court of Arbitration, The ERA Pledge, Institute for Transnational Arbitration, the Board of Directors of Arbitral Women’s Group, and The Spanish Arbitration Club. 

She is on the arbitrator panel lists of various institutions. Diana brings her cross-cultural insight to bear as Dispute Resolution Data’s Advisor and helps ensure that DRD is recognizing and meeting the needs of arbitral institutions and data subscribers globally. Ranked by the Who’s Who of the Global Arbitration Review.